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oblivious x

lclick script with human behavior  Topic is solved

19 May 2018, 01:26

hello i am playing a mmorpg that requires alot of left clicking when in my inventory and gets tiring. while i have a script that does the work for me already. i am worried about the precise 100ms between clicks being logged and raising suspicion resulting in my account being banned. is there a way i can tweak the script to pull a random 100-200ms. instead of the script always clicking every 100ms it randomly pulls a number between 100-200ms making it seem more human that way it doesnt look like a bot in the system. can anyone help me with this?
here is the script i am currently using

Code: Select all

toggle = 0
#MaxThreadsPerHotkey 2

    Toggle := !Toggle
    While Toggle{
        sleep 100

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