Trying to look for a autoclicker

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Trying to look for a autoclicker

05 Sep 2018, 00:01

I know this is not mostly on topic but atleast I am looking for a script anyways I am looking for a auto clicker script that is simple and toggleable for example I press , The script starts press it again and it stops also if possible could it be with a esc so when a person is done using it they can just press esc or some button to turn the whole script off sorry I am awful at coding I would most likely make it unable to shut off and I would have to manually shut off the computer to reset it
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Re: Trying to look for a autoclicker

05 Sep 2018, 02:00

You should try searching as there are a decent amount of them around, or you could try making it yourself and ask for help when you get stuck, anyway this is a subforum where you publish your scripts not the place to ask for a handout.
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