Monster Hunter world HELP

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Monster Hunter world HELP

12 Sep 2018, 20:08

So I used this program to have some convenient macros in GTA and after playing monster hunter for a while I want to make a few macros to fix the overly lengthy and annoying cooking of meats. so I got everything set up and when I get into the game it doesn't do any of the inputs... they work anywhere else but not in the game. So I know that in GTA you had to write in text like this at the start "#IfWinActive ahk_class grcWindow" to make sure the hotkeys only worked ingame... but it doesn't work for this game (cuz the "grcWindow" is only for GTA I assume) anyone how to make it work for just MHW?
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Re: Monster Hunter world HELP

13 Sep 2018, 01:20

Use this code while the game is active to copy the class to your clipboard:

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	WinGetClass _w, A
	Clipboard := %_w%
Then in your MHW script add the following:

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SetTitleMatchMode, 2	;Add this to the top of your script, before any return/exit

#If WinActive("ahk_class [x]")		;Use ctrl+v to paste from clipboard and replace the entirety of [x]

**your MHW code here**

#If		;End of if condition

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