run script in background game?

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run script in background game?

21 Oct 2018, 18:46

Hey guys I'm new here and really confused. I'm tryinng to learn but it does not compute uhuh. So here's a quick script I made and wondering how the hell do I run it minimized so this lazy ass can watch his shows

So the program name is javelin_64x.exe but shows as javelin in the taskbar.

SetTimer, PressTheKey, 4200

Send, {e }

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Re: run script in background game?

22 Oct 2018, 21:30

Your question is not clear..

Are you trying to use the script to launch a podcast, but be minimized? Maybe you are recording it, but don't want to interrupt what you are already doing?
I have a bit of experience opening and sending commands to game console and CMD.exe... just ask :)

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