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Puzzle Solver script

03 Mar 2019, 07:38

Hi All,

I'm looking for a script that will be able to solve a puzzle. It doesn't need to automatically click, but can suggest the next available best move, by highlighting a tile.

I've uploaded a pic, and was wondering where to start for a script that could work out how to complete the board in the pic.

How it works is;
For each tile with a number on it, the next tile that can be selected will be 'n' tile away in any direction.
For each tile with a chess type piece, the following applies;
- Crown, next piece is on the edge of the board in any direction
- Sword Tower with Water, next piece is on the edge of the board in vertical or horizontal movement only
- Tower with Crossed Swords, next piece in on the edge of the board in diagonal movement only
- Dragon, next piece will be 2 tiles away vertically or horizontally, then 1 to the left/right/up/down (like a Knight in chess)

Any starting point would be amazing thanks.
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