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Help Tibia Macro

26 Oct 2019, 15:29

Hi everyone!
I'm new at AHK, but i came to ask some help for you guys, i play a 2D game called 'Tibia'.
I need some script to click and drag items from inventory to the floor when pressed CTRL + ARROWS.
Let me explain better.

1st Situation:

When i press ctrl+down arrow the script drag one of those items of the inventory to first square, then drag another to middle square, and the third square too.

Hope then u guys understood, sorry by the bad english haha.
Greetings <3
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Re: Help Tibia Macro

27 Oct 2019, 16:00

wouldn't be easier when you hit a hotkey he throws the item where the mouse is?
so u put your mouse where you want the iten to be pushed and press F2 for example, and u do it wherever you want

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