Launching apps within Kodi

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Launching apps within Kodi

09 Nov 2019, 08:25

Hey guys, I know the title is vague, I didnt really know what to put in the title without making it a novel. :HeHe: So I am attempting to launch a batch file i converted to exe, to launch youtube kids in fullscreen using advance launcher(program launching plugin for kodi). I don't get audio once chrome is launched though. I know that this is because I have wasapi: default as my sound device. Changing the audio device is out of question.

I did some searching on the kodi forum and found a thread regarding this issue running emulators and tried using the (ancient and abandoned plugin) audioProfiles as well as turning off stereo upmix. Neither have worked for me. So I am reaching out in hopes that someone may have an idea.

That being said, I remember a few years back seeing a thread for launching hyperspin (that I can't seem to word correctly to track down), it seems like the script (autohotkey I BELIEVE) would put kodi to sleep after being executed then once hyperspin was closed, it would then "wake up" kodi and resume functionality. (This could be used for any win32 exe) I never used said script back then because i didn't realize what I was missing by not using wasapi, I had a bat file i created that launched HS just fine and left "well enough" alone.

My question is this, would using a script like this "release" the exclusive audio "handling" so I can run apps with kodi running in the background? I am no scripter genius but it seems that Kodi could be put to sleep once its sent to the background.

Ignorance truly was bliss all those years ago. Thank you for reading and sitting through my rambling. If you have any advice, I will be your guinea pig.

On a side note, sometimes Kodi doesn't close properly and the process is left running in task manage which never releases audio exclusivity.
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Re: Launching apps within Kodi

15 Nov 2019, 14:08

Hi. Just found your post. You posted it in "Gaming", I think that's not the best place for your question. =)

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