Run ahk script in specific window.

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Run ahk script in specific window.

20 Nov 2019, 06:57

I have a ahk script which periodically presses buttons in a game. I used send, but this only works if the window is active of course.
After I tried with ControlSend the keys are only sended to the ingame chat but the function is not used. For example "1" is only written in the games chat but the function of 1 is not used. So the script is working but the game is to old or the hackshield is blocking the hotkeys function. The same happens, when I tried using PostMessage. :cry:
So it is only working with Send or SendInput, but this only works if the window is active, but unfortunately I want to do other things and want to run it in the background. I have also tried most of the "simpler" advices from this thread:
but they dont helped in my case.
I have heard that accessing the memory can help to make it work but I dont know how it works. Maybe someone can explain in simple way to me how to send my key 1 for example every few seconds to the window using the memory.
Otherwise I can think of running the window active on an other user or virtual engine something like that, I hope someone has some ideas to help me with this case. Because obviously the script is not that complicated, I only want to run it in the background for specific window.

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