Game randomly skips inputs

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Game randomly skips inputs

22 Dec 2019, 14:03


I've been trying to make a script for KBD in Tekken 7. This is what I got so far:

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SetKeyDelay, 17, 17


SendInput, a
SendInput, a
Sleep, 133
SendInput s

SendInput a
SendInput a
Sleep, 150
SendInput s

SendInput a
SendInput a
Sleep, 166
SendInput, s

SendInput a
SendInput a
Sleep, 183
SendInput s

What this script should do:

1. hold D for 267 ms
2. press A 2x
3. wait 9 frames (150ms)
4. press S for 1f (17ms)
5. press A 2x
6. wait 10 frames (167ms)
7. press S for 1f
8. press A 2x
9. wait 11 frames

But the game randomly skips some inputs. I assume it has something to do with CPU lag? How could I make it reliable?
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Re: Game randomly skips inputs

04 Jan 2020, 04:20

SetKeyDelay is what you want, but it's incompatible with SendInput (Your current SetKeyDelay command does nothing because you used SendInput)
Replace all instances of SendInput with Send

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