Speedlink SL-6696 steering wheel with pedals

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Speedlink SL-6696 steering wheel with pedals

29 Dec 2019, 16:35

This is my first post here, so I quickly describe my short story. I stopped my gaming adventure long time ago in 8 and 16-bit computers era. Now I bought a gaming gfx card for my children and all this starts again :)
We are playing in WRC7 rally game using an old steering wheel set with pedals. It's SpeedLink SL-6696 and the latest driver for it is from 2006. Windows 10 recognizes it as XBOX Game Device.
The game (WRC7) recognizes it as a game pad and not a steering wheel. Probably that's why I can't use pedals in this game. I was trying to assign accelerate and break functions to pedals, but the game says it's impossible.
I'm wondering if AHK could help me in this matter. I was reading some documentation and post here at the forum and what I deduced is that the AHK helps in joining two or more devices and aggregating them under one virtual device.
Thus I would like to ask You: Can AHK map/remap function keys/pedals in the same device (wheel and pedals bought together as one set)? If it's somehow possible, may I ask for a little guidance? Thanks in advance.
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Re: Speedlink SL-6696 steering wheel with pedals

04 Jan 2020, 04:02

AHK has no built-in support for virtual joysticks, period.
If you are seeing stuff on the internet that seemed to indicate AHK could do this, you were probably looking at stuff referring to the AHK version of UCR, which has special libraries to handle this.
That version of UCR is no longer supported, you should use the new version instead: https://github.com/Snoothy/UCR
You will need to install the vJoy virtual joystick driver: http://vjoystick.sourceforge.net/site/

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