Mouse CoordMode

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Mouse CoordMode

11 Jan 2020, 11:01

Hi there i'm trying to creat a script that save my all clicks position and save them into to a mouseclicks.txt file,

inside txt file,
position 1 => xx, yy
position 2 => xx, yy
position 3 => xx, yy
position 4 => xx, yy
position n => xx, yy


Code: Select all

CoordMode, Mouse, Screen
SetTimer, Check, 20

MouseGetPos, xx, yy
Tooltip %xx%`, %yy%
FileAppend, %xx%, %pos1%
OutputMessage = Click, %RulerRelX%`,%RulerRelY%, 0`nSleep, 16
Clipboard = %OutputMessage%
Plz help. :)
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Re: Mouse CoordMode

12 Jan 2020, 07:54

Hello Willa63

You should try AutoScriptWriter (it was packaged with AHK in its older versions:
It records all your actions (including clicks and mouse positions) and gives a text of this record, that you can save as an .AHK file.
After, you can edit it to fit your needs.

Look also this topic:

Good luck.
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Re: Mouse CoordMode

16 Jan 2020, 08:11

thank you that was very help full

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