Minecraft - problem with MoveMouse

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Minecraft - problem with MoveMouse

16 Jan 2020, 12:01

I am trying to make a script, that holds right button down, moves some distance down, or up, releases and then moves double that distance other way, and then goes back to the point it started, so it kinda "oscillates" around the same point, however when i run it in minecraft, even though i have timings right(i checked in other programs like notepad etc. unless i don't notice it) with each loop it moves a little higher or lower, so character always ends up looking into to sky, or ground. I'm playing on minecraft java version 1.8.9
script i wrote:

Code: Select all

Loop, 10
MouseClickDrag, Right, , , 0, 20, 20, R
MouseMove, 0, -40, 20, R
MouseMove, 0, 20, 20, R
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Re: Minecraft - problem with MoveMouse

17 Jan 2020, 07:40

Most mouse aim games do not take input from the CURSOR, they take input from the mouse (Not the same thing)
MouseMove does not simulate mouse input, it simulates cursor movement
You need the mouse_event DllCall

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