Script for Xbox One?

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Script for Xbox One?

24 Jan 2020, 07:05

Hey guys, I am looking for a script that only spams the A button on my xbox one controller, does that work?

If yes can someone post me the script?
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Re: Script for Xbox One?

25 Jan 2020, 01:36

@pasci91 I am very likely the only one from whom you will get a response here....

Joining this site and asking for others to write a script for you is not going to work :( Head over to the Docs and do some resesarch:

Then, do more research on existing topics from the search pane and you will find what you seek :)

I have a bit of experience opening and sending commands to game console and CMD.exe... just ask :)
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Re: Script for Xbox One?

04 Feb 2020, 16:03

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SendEvent, {Joy1}
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