wow Scrub help request. Vet TBI... lame excuses

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wow Scrub help request. Vet TBI... lame excuses

02 Jul 2020, 21:48

Will gladly invite you to my outfits TS server. I haven't written a script for this software since 2006/7. Unfortunately I have lost my basic skills. (See, black out from VA meds crash into a train.) Yes legitimate statement.

Alright lame excuses aside. I dropped the game to go to college failed and blah blah. I crashed due to med years later and attempting to get a job to help my brothers/sisters in arms. I have it now but with missing pieces.

Anyway. I used to have a basic script. However, now that is lost to the brain damage. I am just coming back to being almost me again. I just started trying to play again. Was able to perform the basics.

Found that it is slow to run solo, and that there aren't too many left to actively in communication with play anymore.

My simple goal. I run main as a healer. Horde troll shaman. In AHK The healer is subbed. I have a hunter because of the limited requirements in accounts. Pet is tank hunter is DPS healer keeps us all alive... that is as much as I remember. The short list of build.

Multibox main: Hunter elf Beast master
Sub account (but solo main): Troll resto shaman.

Needed script.
Main: (hunter will be on screen click touch obvious.Not to much to do there if I remember right)
Subordinate: target/target target. First key/s damage. Secondary key/keys target pet of hunter heal. Then chain heal. The goal hear is to keep the tank pet, hunter and healer alive. Advanced healing tools are sort of meh. HOTS of course in the mix but outside of healbot I wont be able to target. i am guessing around 7 bound macro keys.

I know it is a maybe dying game but as my mind is switching back on I remember the world differently. I really do feel this would be helpful in expanding my mental recovery. A major limit is so called multi tasking and memory.

I am really grateful for any help. I will/can talk to my Planetside outfit leader about setting up allowance for talking in comms on TS if that helps. Will warn my mouth gets ahead of me when frustrated. It is part and partial to smacking your brain hard enough to forget everything. I am pretty good now though as it has been 3 years and I have PTT set up, of course.

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