Hold does not work in roblox?

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Hold does not work in roblox?

03 Jul 2020, 07:11

So i was testing some code to automate a function, cause remoused is not working that well. turns out, instead of holding, it just spams the key. The key is shift and here is my code:

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toggle = 0
SetKeyDelay, 0, 50
Toggle := !Toggle
While Toggle{
Send, {lshift}
sleep 10
Send, {lshift}
sleep 10
Send, {lshift}
sleep 1140
Send, {lshift down}
sleep 100
Send, {lshift up}
sleep 30
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I have to hold shift to not die when i fall, and spamming does nothing. Also, i cant just put something on my button cause i have to press it right before i fall. I have made another script whitch works just fine, tho it gets me less points. The script does something else thats slow and i'd not put it here.

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