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Text Finder + Highlight it

13 Jul 2020, 23:42

Hey guyz, I'm organizing a giveaway in the game I'm currently playing, and I was looking to develop a script to help me select the people who will join, I just need to find the name of the person who sent the letter to me and highlight the name, so I can copy and paste inside a notepad.

I did an example to show u guyz what i'm looking for

I asked everyone who will join to send me a letter with his name. in this picture i wrote a lot of names just to show
ex.png (767.86 KiB) Viewed 778 times
Then i need to highlight the name that show in the head text
asddsads.png (59.94 KiB) Viewed 778 times
so i basicly need an text finder and what? im kinda lost from where to start. thank you!
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Re: Text Finder + Highlight it

14 Jul 2020, 00:12

This looks suspiciously like a variation of your "captcha solver" topic I recently closed. Clearly, this isn't a coincidence.
You already got some hints there and in your portuguese request, answered by Gio.

Please don't create more requests for captcha solvers. Thank you!

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