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Key Repeat Toggle

17 Jul 2020, 12:01

I'd love to be able to figure this out myself but I'm not good at scripting and want to learn. I need a script that will toggle key repeating on and off for various keys. In particular, I need a script that will, when holding down the 'Alt' key and pressing either W,S,A,D will start the key repeating in say 1/4 second intervals and continue until the 'Alt' + whatever key is pressed again at which time the repeating will cease. So kind of like autowalk as seen in several games but with the keystroke intervallically rather then constant having the ability to toggle keystroke repeat function on and off. After I can establish that, as a 'deluxe' feature, it would be nice to use say the arrow up and arrow down key to increase or decrease the repeating keystroke interval while the function is operating. So say for instance in a game, if you are crawling, and crawling by holding down the 'W' key makes you crawl forward but also makes a certain amount of noise in game that enemies can hear while rapidly pressing the 'W' key will allow you to crawl at about the same pace while making NO noise detectable by enemies. That way, I don't have to give myself carpal tunnel syndrome if I need to crawl a ways while making as little noise as possible.

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