Need help making an until function (or something similar) work with my script

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Need help making an until function (or something similar) work with my script

10 Sep 2020, 15:42

currently, i'm trying to make a script that will execute w, a, s, and d randomly for random amounts of time at a random interval until it detects a pixel at the top of the screen is a different color. Then, it will execute 3 button presses, and remain idle until the color changes back to normal. However, when i try to use the script, the script doesnt read the until command and just plays everything in a loop over and over. Is there a way to fix the until command, or replace it with something that works better?

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x := 680, y := 63, target := "0x007600" ; The target place & color
Sendmode, event
Random, walkoffset , 500, 2000
Random, stopoffset , 50, 300

SetKeyDelay, 10, %walkoffset%
Keys = {w},{a},{s},{d}
StringSplit, key, keys, `, 

again: ;label that sends script back to the beginning
   Random, key, 1, %key0% 
   Send, % "{blind}" key%key% 
   Sleep %stopoffset% 
}	until (x, y, target, False) ;script loops until it sees a color other than green, THIS IS NOT WORKING FOR SOME REASON!!!

 SendInput {Esc}
 Sleep, 300
 SendInput, r
 Sleep, 500
 SendInput, {Enter}
 wait(1000, x, y, target, True) ;waits for the color to return to normal, THIS IS ALSO NOT WORKING!!!
goto again


;something i found to detect colors, not really sure what it does but the script seems to break without it 

wait(pause, x, y, color, same) { ; Wait until the (x,y) color equals or differs from the stated color
 CoordMode, Pixel
 done := False
 While !done {
  PixelGetColor, thisColor, %x%, %y%
  done := same = (thiscolor = color)
  Sleep, % pause * (1 - done)


f1:: ;the key to toggle the script on and off
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