Creat Macro for game Rules of Survival

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Creat Macro for game Rules of Survival

18 Apr 2018, 12:59

Hi, I'm a new member and I want to ask you a bit. I'm playing a game called Rules of Survival (a survival game similar to PUBG). I was practicing writing some scripts for it but have encountered some difficulties. Initially I used a script called "no recoil pubg" by a member on the forum, but when applied to the game it does not work very well (probably because of the difference in degrees snatch of guns between 2 games). I'm working on rewriting, but I get bugs and scripts do not work. So I would like to ask people to write me a script, based on my script. Because I was very poor and did not find out about the shooting range. I have a video about of the guns in the game, hope you will help me. Thanks very much!

Here is code:

Code: Select all

SendMode Input
_auto: = true
~ LButton :: autofire ()
~ Numlock :: _ auto: =! _auto
~ T :: Suspend
F1 :: ExitApp

autofire ()
if _auto
if GetKeyState ("LButton", "P")
SendInput {LButton DownTemp}
Sleep 1
mouseXY (0, 10)
Sleep 1
SendInput {LButton Up}
Sleep 25
}; loop
}; if
}; autofire ()
mouseXY (x, y)
Uint, 1, int, x, int, y, uint, 0, int, 0)
Here is a video of the guns in the game:
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Re: Creat Macro for game Rules of Survival

20 Apr 2018, 09:19

You might want take a look at the rules for this forum that joedf posted here: ... 81#p180981

I think avoiding the re-coil is conflicting with:
3. Any kind of AutoHotkey script that take over a major role in controlling the players actions in order to gain an advantage over other players is not allowed.

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