Download any Newgrounds "banned" songs (and use them in Geometry Dash)

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Download any Newgrounds "banned" songs (and use them in Geometry Dash)

26 Aug 2018, 21:11

GD Downloader - A script for downloading Newgrounds "banned" songs.
This is possible due to a known pattern in the audio link: - Mod(ID/1000))/(ID)_(Modified name with limit of 26 characters).mp3
This pattern only works from ID No. 469775 onwards.
After entering the ID and the name of the audio, the download will start and the audio will be saved in the selected path.

I decided to make the script multilanguage (English and Spanish).



Code: Select all

;Geometry Dash Downloader 1.1.1
;By Dan3436

#SingleInstance Force

Path := "C:\Users\" . A_UserName . "\AppData\Local\GeometryDash"
Title := "GD Downloader"

Gui -MaximizeBox
Gui Color, White
Gui Add, Text, x19 y14 w215 h15, Select a language/Selecciona un lenguaje:
Gui Add, Text, x0 y84 w255 h42 -Background
Gui Add, Button, gMain x78 y92 w75 h23 Default, OK
Gui Add, Button, gCancel x167 y92 w75 h23, Cancel
Gui Add, DropDownList, vL x67 y46 w120 AltSubmit, English||Español
Gui Show, w255 h125, % Title

Gui Submit
Gui Destroy
Gui -MaximizeBox
Gui Color, White
Gui Add, Edit, vID x39 y82 w62 h21 Number
Gui Add, Text, x63 y64 w12 h14, ID
Gui Add, Text, x42 y10 w196 h16, % L=1?"Enter the data to download the audio":"Ingresa los datos para descargar el audio"
Gui Add, Text, x140 y64 w100 h15 Center, % L=1?"Audio name":"Nombre del audio"
Gui Add, Edit, vName x140 y82 w102 h21
Gui Add, GroupBox, x21 y43 w238 h74, % L=1?"Data":"Datos"
Gui Add, Text, x0 y180 w280 h41 -Background
Gui Add, Button, gDownload x97 y189 w80 h23 Default, % L=1?"Download":"Descargar"
Gui Add, Button, gHelp x189 y189 w80 h23, % L=1?"Help":"Ayuda"
Gui Add, DropDownList, vSP x80 y145 w120 AltSubmit, % L=1?"Normal path||Alternate path|Other...":"Ruta normal||Ruta alterna|Otro..."
Gui Add, Text, x82 y128 w86 h14, % L=1?"Save path":"Ruta de guardado"
Gui Show, w280 h220, % Title

Gui +OwnDialogs
MsgBox 64, % L=1?"Help":"Ayuda", % L=1
?"You can select one of the three audio save paths:`n`nNormal path: " . Path . "`nAlternate path: Geometry Dash folder\Resources`nOther: To specify."
:"Puedes elegir una de las tres rutas de guardado:`n`nRuta normal: " . Path . "`nRuta alterna: Carpeta de Geometry Dash\Resources`nOtro: A especificar."

Gui Submit, NoHide
Gui +OwnDialogs

if !ID or !Name ;Ensure that both ID and Name isn't blank.

if (ID < 469775){ ;First ID with the known name pattern.
	MsgBox 48, % Title, % L=1?"No support for ID's minor than 469775`nThe known name pattern can't be used.":"Sin soporte a ID's menores a 469775.`nNo se puede usar el patrón de nombre conocido."

if (SP <> 1){ ;Alternate save path or other.
	FileSelectFolder Path,,, % SP=2?(L=1?"Select the Geometry Dash folder":"Selecciona la carpeta de Geometry Dash"):(L=1?"Select the save folder":"Selecciona la carpeta de guardado")
	if !Path {
		MsgBox 48, % Title, % L=1?"You didn't selected a folder or it isn't a valid folder":"No seleccionaste una carpeta o no es una carpeta válida.", 1.5
	if (SP = 2){
		if !FileExist(Path . "\Resources"){ ;Check if Resources folder doesn't exist.
			MsgBox 48, % Title, % L=1?"""Resources"" folder, the alternate save folder, wasn't found.":"No se encontró la carpeta ""Resources"", la carpeta alterna de guardado."
		Path .= "\Resources"
Path .= "\" . ID . ".mp3" ;Finally, add the ID and audio extension in any save path case.

if FileExist(Path){ ;If the audio file exists, ask if overwrite.
	MsgBox 308, % Title, % L=1?"There's already an audio named """ . ID . ".mp3"". Overwrite?":"Ya existe un audio denominado """ . ID . ".mp3"". ¿Sobreescribir?"
	IfMsgBox No
		Path := "C:\Users\" . A_UserName . "\AppData\Local\GeometryDash" ;Reset the save path

For Key, Value in {" ": "-", "&": "amp", "<": "lt", ">": "gt", """": "quot"}
Name := StrReplace(Name, Key, Value) ;Apply the for-loop only here, otherwise the RegExReplace will delete the characters to filter before getting replaced.
Name := SubStr(RegExReplace(Name, "[^\w-_]"), 1, 26)

	(Space) = -
		 & = amp
		 < = lt
		 > = gt
		 " = quot
	(Other) = (Delete)
	Keep "-" and "_"
	Characters limit = 26
	Operations to replace the last 3 numbers of the ID with 0:
	SubStr(ID, 1, -3) * 1000 - Delete the last 3 numbers and multiply by 1000.
	ID - Mod(ID, 1000)       - Substract the ID with the modulo of ID/1000.
	ID - SubStr(ID, -2)      - Substract the ID with it's last 3 numbers. The most exact of the three operations.

Gui Destroy
try DownloadFile("" . ID - SubStr(ID, -2) . "/" . ID . "_" . Name . ".mp3")
catch e
	MsgBox 16, Error, % (e=404
	?(L=1?"The audio wasn't found.`nBe sure to write the name and ID correctly.":"No se encontró el audio.`nAsegúrate de escribir correctamente el nombre y la ID.")
	:((InStr(e.Message, "0x80072EE7")?(L=1?"The server name could not be resolved. Check your Internet connection.":"No se pudo resolver el nombre del servidor.`nComprueba tu conexión a Internet."):e.Message)))
	FileDelete % Path
MsgBox 64, % Title, % L=1?"Audio downloaded successfully.":"Audio descargado exitosamente."

DownloadFile(Url){ ;Based on Bruttosozialprodukt's function -
	global Path, ID
	Req := ComObjCreate("WinHttp.WinHttpRequest.5.1")
	Req.Open("HEAD", Url)
	if Req.Status = 404 ;The download might appear to succeed but it's just an error page. If Status is 404 (Not found), throw the error.
		Throw 404
	FinalSize := Req.GetResponseHeader("Content-Length")
	Progress AMH80,, % L=1?"Wait...":"Espera...", % Url
	File := FileOpen(Path, "rw")
	SetTimer ProgressBar, 100
	UrlDownloadToFile % Url, % Path
	Progress Off
	SetTimer ProgressBar, Off
	CurrentSize := File.Length
	CurrentSizeTick := A_TickCount
	Speed := Round((CurrentSize/1024-LastSize/1024)/((CurrentSizeTick-LastSizeTick)/1000), 1)
	;Get remaining time:
	TimeRemain := Round((FinalSize-CurrentSize)/(Speed*1024))
	Time := 19990101
	Time += %TimeRemain%, Seconds
	FormatTime mmss, %Time%, mm:ss
	TimeRemain := LTrim(TimeRemain//3600 ":" mmss, "0:")
	LastSizeTick := CurrentSizeTick
	LastSize := CurrentSize
	PercentDone := Round(CurrentSize/FinalSize*100)
	Progress % PercentDone, % PercentDone . "%", % (L=1?"Downloading (":"Descargando (") . Speed . " KB/s)", % (L=1?"Downloading ":"Descargando ") . ID . ".mp3 (" . Round(CurrentSize/1048576, 2) . " MB / " . Round(FinalSize/1048576, 2) . " MB)"


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