GTA 5 - Mouse control & Movement help

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GTA 5 - Mouse control & Movement help

27 Jan 2019, 03:35

I've been trying to write a script in AHK to move the mouse around in GTA V but can't get it to work properly.

Essentially, I want to automate the process of checking the stockmarket to see my portfolio's current status by simply clicking on the required hotspots on screen (a pseudo website page) but I can't get the mouse to go where It's supposed to. I've looked at and tried several scripts/functions which use the DllCall("mouse_even"... command but they don't behave properly in GTA.

Also, the window-spy utility has trouble reporting exactly where the mouse cursor is - it only ever reports that it's in the middle of the screen even though the cursor is nowhere near the middle of the screen. I calculated the proper co-ords from a screen capture and noting the x/y pixel locations I want to click on.

The problem is the free moving GTA mouse cursor is not moving to where I tell it to presumably because it's not the "real" cursor in which case I have no idea how to get it to go to the correct location.

Can someone familiar with how GTA does its thing, maybe explain what I need to do to accurately place the GTA cursor at the X/Y I choose?

Any help appreciated.

Any suggestions on how to control the mouse while in the normal game mode would be appreciated as well, since normal ahk mouse commands make the screen go totally ape-shit regardless of nor little or how much I tell the cursor to move.

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