G27 to xBox Gamepad with Universal Control Remapper (UCR)

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G27 to xBox Gamepad with Universal Control Remapper (UCR)

24 Dec 2019, 08:32

I do not know if I have understood well if it is possible to use the steering wheel g27 as xBox gamepad with windows 1903. With my English I do not understand well, so I hope I apologize if among the 50 pages of the thread there is already the solution to my question.

I have installed the latest version of AHK, vJoy and UCR, No error, it is configured without problems, but I can not make it work. I install the ScpVBus-x64 as an administrator but then it doesn't appear anywhere except in UCR. Should it also appear in Game Devices? How do I know which number of the 8 vxBox to choose to do the tests?
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Output preview work fine in windows of UCR but not work in FarCry5

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