PlayWrite / QuestWrite 20200203.0.0-beta (stable) for LOTRO released

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PlayWrite / QuestWrite 20200203.0.0-beta (stable) for LOTRO released

03 Feb 2020, 07:46

Hey everyone!
I just released PlayWrite (comes with QuestWrite) as a stable beta.

PlayWrite is a system to support player-run performances in LOTRO. The server (director) parses a textfile containing a play or sketch that's written in human-readable syntax and passes the lines and commands on to the respective clients (performers). All communication between server and clients is sent via the ingame chat-channels and is read by tailing a chat-log of that channel.

QuestWrite is a software for player run quests and utilizes the same systems as PlayWrite for explanations, story etc.

I developed PlayWrite and QuestWrite as a standalone system that's largely agnostic of the target system. Both can be easily customized to work with any other game or chat-system as long as it allows to have different channels and can write log-files of those.

Now, there would need to be multi-client testing and some feedback from players actually running events before going further and considering a release out of beta.

Read more of what it's about

Download the release

Read the user documentation

I'd love to have some feedback on this from the community. Maybe you'll find some snippets useful? ;)

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