Path of Exile smoke mine macro

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Path of Exile smoke mine macro

03 Feb 2020, 11:39

I have been using a lot of AHK's in PoE to make my life easier, judge me if you want. I wanted to share one of them. This is just a basic script that allows you to press one button to activate smoke mine (super useful for some builds, ie. lab runners.)
Just know that this is my first script I have written (well I have other macros that do different things, but with the same base type.)
I have also included a macro to instantly teleport to your hideout (from town or another hideout etc.)

The macro is easily editable and I have included a mini-guide on the pastebin to allow you to change the hotkeys to your own liking.
Link to the pastebin: https /6JGa9As5 Broken Link for safety

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