Free proxy for those who have issues viewing

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Free proxy for those who have issues viewing

04 Oct 2013, 07:55

Hello there

for those having issues with being down i have set up a proxy free to use on my home connection as i have no issues viewing the forum myself

Enjoy- please use with respect

i do have completely unlimited traffic running at

68.58 mbps down
16.80 mpbs up

but i would rather NOT have to contend with fair usage complaints :p

no idea where to put this so feel free to shift it to the correct subforum and i apologise if i did a boo boo :) just trying to help!

Special thanks to Nameless_exe for setting most of this up (99% him :D)

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Re: Free proxy for those who have issues viewing autohotkey.

07 Oct 2013, 22:12

I have 'poxy' running on my hosted server.
Let me know if anyone needs yet another tunnel and I will make it public

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