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11 Dec 2016, 19:52

Hi, I just wanted to say thanks to everyone working on the project. I have been using AHK for a few years, and I have contributed to the archived forum, but then took a break from programming. When I joined this new one I started to read a bit more about the history of it and the Foundation, and it just makes me very grateful that people work on things like this without payment themselves and dedicated to keeping it free. Kind of puts me to shame, because most of my 'contribution' is asking for help, and when it comes to coding, I generally want paying for it! Time I made a donation...and I'll look out for other ways I can help.
Thanks - AHK is brilliant! :rainbow: :bravo: :beard: :beer:
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Re: Thanks!

11 Dec 2016, 22:00

No problem :+1: Questions are a form of contribution :)
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