Start a "Suggestions and issues with this forum" category

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Start a "Suggestions and issues with this forum" category

30 Sep 2013, 12:48

Hi tank,

Seeing as everyone is very enthusiastic about this, if you don't want to lose your mind reading all the posts for suggestions and improvements to this site, how about you add something like a "Suggestions, improvements, bugs ans issues with this forum" category on the main index page. You could probably relocate it sometime later in one of the other categories but for now it may be a good idea to heave it on its own on the main page.

And to start it up:

- As jNizM said somewhere else, you currently cannot click on the member names on the left side
- I will add: The number of characters allowed for a subject line to a new post seems quite limited. Maybe it can be increased?
- When writing a message, it would be nice to add a Spoiler button in the list of buttons at the top that contains Quote, Code, List, etc.
- Also in that list of buttons, it's not clear to me what "List", "List=" and [*] mean.
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Re: Start a "Suggestions and issues with this forum" categor

30 Sep 2013, 12:54

Clicking a user probably refers to seeing the profile there is a button for that
I will look into the subject line
Spoiler has been an all day failure ill revisit tomorrow
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