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Hard Nuts/Extreme Challenges

Posted: 09 Dec 2017, 02:00
by zcooler

I think it would be beneficial for AHK having a forum section (highly moderated) where unsolved problems are collected. Right now these are drowning in the vast flood of the "usual easy stuff", "quite easy to solve stuff" and "stuff that already has been solved in hundreds of different ways". Such a forum section would always be interesting to hang out in for the new guys who wants to make a name for them selves by solving admittedly impossible or very hard stuff, but also for the old proven guys if they require new knowledge and hence are abled to crack cases.

Example on an impossible challenge/ hard nut that would qualify is this one:
Im sure you guys could come up with many cases/threads which could qualify in such a section.

Re: Hard Nuts/Extreme Challenges

Posted: 09 Dec 2017, 02:30
by joedf
Interesting... :think:

Re: Hard Nuts/Extreme Challenges

Posted: 09 Dec 2017, 04:08
by jeeswg
- I have a section here where I collect key unresolved issues. (I will update it.)
jeeswg's homepage - AutoHotkey Community ... 17&t=30931
- We could have one big thread for this, or separate threads based on some categories. This reminds we that we should come up with some categories for AHK threads for if they were ever to be categorised, I'll start a thread.

Re: Hard Nuts/Extreme Challenges

Posted: 09 Dec 2017, 06:29
by zcooler
I think unresolved issues deserves its own section with categories (if they are many), cuz in that case its a section full of challenges for those who already are into AHK and "publicity" to other language programmers that might sit on the key to solutions (which increases the chance they might be drawn into AHK). There is otherwise no chance what so ever finding solutions if the unresolved threads always gets buried and no chance these people, as of today, does actively search (forum search/google) for specific unresolved issues.