Shall we have an official AHK channel without Ops and rules?

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Should there be an official AHK irc-channel without Ops and rules?

Poll ended at 27 Oct 2013, 10:55

Yes, there should also be 2nd official channel without Ops and rules. 20% [ 2 ]
No votes
No, there should be only one official channel and it should have Ops and rules. 80% [ 8 ]
Total votes: 15
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Re: Shall we have an official AHK channel without Ops and ru

26 Oct 2013, 06:55

jethrow wrote:Why not create a channel called the bathroom wall. We can write all the nasty crap we want to about other folks.
+1 ;) xD
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Re: Shall we have an official AHK channel without Ops and ru

17 Nov 2013, 02:01

Im in favor of having rules and ops. Considering AHK is for all ages, we need to make it clean for anyone who may be too young to see any kind of offensive or 18+ material. The idea of having another channel where anything is permitted is a good idea though, just as a general chat, since #ahk and or #ahkscript are meant for AutoHoktey related talk. I myself have my own channel ( bot testing channel #Sjc_Bot ). I don't mind who is in there, what they say, what they link to.

Saying this, i also think the ops should also obey these rules, ops have the power to enforce these rules, but not to break them. I believe if you see an op dis-obeying these ( not just slightly, maybe it has reason ) you can call them out. Save the chat and bring it up later.

I think our main concern should be making the forum and chat friendly to any who want help. Also considerate of different races ( i have read kidbit's other post/s ). Different races have different rules, but when anyone breaks the channel or AutoHotkey's rules, they should be politely informed. I have no idea what was in the chat, so i will not say much more on this matter. My main concern is both AutoHotkey's 'name' and it's appearance to any who either go into the chat or look through the forum.

Hope i didn't ramble too much there ;) its just good to get my opinion out there.
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