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Re: Nuisance BAN

Posted: 07 Dec 2019, 12:15
by tank
no i learned of the threat this morning the actual threat took place recently tho

Re: Nuisance BAN

Posted: 12 Mar 2020, 07:01
by TheArkive
As sorry as I am to see him be banned, I fully respect the need for a community to defend itself. The need to be aware of oneself, and how one's words and actions affect a community, is also paramount.

Given this isn't an actual workplace I can't understand why he wouldn't just walk away.

Not only do I support the mods on this one given the explanation so far, but I would hope that any mod would be immediately honest to myself and other users about our conduct on this forum, as well as the quality of user's posts. I'm not soft skinned, and I value the meaning of teamwork, leading, and following.

NOTE: I know the desire to be "professional" is important, but I think these kind of decisions shouldn't be censored too much for users who aren't intimately aware of the situation, simply for the sake of letting the community know what the expectations are, and where the line actually is. I'm glad for all the additional posts that gave additional context, which also summarized what could have been hours upon hours of searching and reading. I would not have known the reasoning behind the ban otherwise.