My absense for several months now

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My absense for several months now

20 Oct 2020, 13:35

First of all, It is really nice to see the community function and the security implementations work as expected without my constant monitoring. I worried allot but i just had life hit me like a wall.

a Little background. my entire life including childhood i have had difficulty staying awake. i detest coffee so i developed a lot of little tricks to stay awake when it was really necessary. at first it was constantly nibbling or sipping something. hell i even got good at seeming to be awake in school all while sleeping soundly in class. I had been told i talked in my sleep or had been observed sleep walking. during my 20's as a restaurant manager i would often not actually be awake till i was counting meat in the freezer. nothing bad happened but looking back those memories sometimes parking my car against a retaining wall sometimes a block away. i reflect from time to time how much luck and possibly divine intervention no one ever got hurt. excessive amounts of 5 hour energy eventually ended that. I was able to manage my sleepiness mostly with stimulants. eventually this wasnt enough either. mixed with a quite traumatic childhood depression set in. so after a stay in the hospital anti depresents and the addition of prescription stimulants. in fact till 2 months ago no one had mentioned narcolepsy. but there i was on massive amounts of stimulants prescription and caffien. unable to stay awake for more than 3-5 hours. at first short naps helped but eventually i just had to sleep for 5-12 more hours. I checked into a hospital. they maxxed out the prescribable amount of stimulants and i slept almost 20 hours daily. my new psychiatrist began the search for the proper testing and treatment. it took a few months to even in the huge metroplex of dallas fort worth to locate and get on the schedule. over the last week i have been withdrawing from stimulants. wow has it sucked. but i think i rounded the corner.

the treatment is a controlled substance that can actually ONLY be prescribed by the special neurologist. well not exactly but your insurance wont pay for it if not. anyway, bottom line I am still using a bit of caffeine but it is expected that this will become less necessary.

Now, Going forward, i intend to start a series of youtube clips.
I am not going to do like many have focusing on syntax tricks. but the goal will be dealing with business or tech issues and the research journey and solution writing. discovering API's, dealing with eccentric business applications, and process transformation. We will start small but each video is intended to build on the concepts of previous. Each video will be targeted at under 10 minutes.
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Thanks Tank :thumbup:
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Re: My absense for several months now

20 Oct 2020, 16:29

@tank Good to hear from you. Best wishes. :+1:
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Re: My absense for several months now

21 Oct 2020, 02:13

thanks for the update. things seem to be running smoothly, i didnt even realize you were missing. good luck on your health issues. and i'll be sure to check out your youtube

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Re: My absense for several months now

22 Oct 2020, 12:00

Good to hear you're back on track (sort of). :clap: :thumbup: :clap:
Before you fully dive into whatever stuff again, would you mind reviewing my thread/thoughts about the 'Broken Link for Safety'-kinda thing??

Thx and stay safe.
Bo 8-)
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Re: My absense for several months now

23 Oct 2020, 08:36

Sorry to hear about your struggles. And I'm happy you have found a way through it so far. I hope you get better :)

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