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AutoControl - Control Chrome

01 Nov 2020, 07:43

AutoControl is a simple browser extension that lets you customize Chrome's shortcuts as well as create your own shortcuts to perform a wide variety of actions.

  • Key Features
    Keyboard, Mouse and Joystick shortcuts
    Mouse gestures
    Bookmark shortcuts
    Tab switching with thumbnail previews
    Works on ALL tabs!

  • Scripting API
    Among the many actions available in AutoControl, there's the RUN SCRIPT advanced action. With it you can write your own scripts in Javascript to carry out tasks such as:
    Performing operations on your open tabs (open, close, pin, mute, minimize, etc.)
    Injecting Javascript and CSS into one or more web pages
    Reading and writing files to your hard drive
    Reading and writing data to the clipboard in various formats
    Running external programs and commands
    And much more...
  • In order to run persistent scripts that are independent of the lifetime of any page, AutoControl supports Background Scripts.
    Additionally, triggers have the option to work even when the browser is closed.

    [...] , which allows AutoControl to run persistently, even when no browser windows are open.
    Thanks to this, a background script can run freely, without worrying that it might be inadvertently terminated when pages are unloaded and tabs closed due to the script's own actions or the user's.
Jeez! Sounds like using AHK to edit JavaScript files on-the-fly and trigger the browser using AutoControl !!?
MIght come handy, especially for those who won't be able to install/use AutoHotkey to automate Chrome (and probably other Chromium-based browsers like Microsofts Edge) within a corporate environment.


PS. Wasn't aware that fellow member @tadamm had already created a separate thread to 'promote' this useful browser extension posted [here] at 'Tipps & Tricks'. Thx mate :)
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Re: AutoControl - Control Chrome

13 Nov 2020, 16:37

Thanks for recommanding! (is it bad replying to just say thankyou since there's no ty button lol )
Pls quote or @ me when replying, so your reply can be noticed more timely via email notification! cheers~ :D :rainbow:

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