Apple wireless keyboard

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Apple wireless keyboard

12 Jan 2016, 03:31

Hi good people of AHK.

A few years back I bought the Apple wireless keyboard to use with my PC, yes my PC. At the time I didnt think it would cause much of an issue switching around a few keys, but unfortunatly I was to be proven wrong.
The main issue as you might have guessed are the ctrl and alt keys which is Fn and windows on the keyboard, I use these keys pretty much constantly, and having them in the default location is cramp inducing to work with.

I´ve tried AHK before, but I couldnt get the Fn key to register. Sniffing around I stumbled on uxsofts app ( It worked with some applications, but not with others (some apps reverted to default settings).

For a year or so I forgot about it, and it wasnt until recently that I found an app over at github by samartzidis ( Finally everything seemed to work, but after a few days I´ve started to notice strange slowdowns. Delayed response when doing an action (ie. changing tabs in the taskmanager is slow, colorpicking in photoshop etc.). My workstation is pretty beefy, so I wouldnt expect this to be a performance issue.

So, I wanted to ask. Any of you found a good solution when it comes to using the Apple wireless keyboard on a windows machine. With out without AHK?

Cheers =D
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Re: Apple wireless keyboard

12 Jan 2016, 04:41

Should also add that I've tried most of the different AHK scripts around that should swarp the keys around (Crtl->Fn, Alt->Win), but have yet to find one that works. Am I missing something? Do I need to install more scripts/apps for it to work?

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Re: Apple wireless keyboard

17 Jan 2018, 05:24


I have a question about my apple wireless keyboard...,
How to repair unresponsive "Enter" key...?
Please suggest me something...

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