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Colorbot for desktop & browser

04 Mar 2016, 14:35

Dear AHK community,

We are happy to announce you a new bot called Colorbot. It is a bot which can bot anything relying fully on pixel information. With a build-in browser supporting PPAPI plugins you can connect to any webpage or bind the bot to any desktop window.

The bot is almost in the Alpha Release stage but we need members in order to obtain free software licenses to get it released and also to test the bot.

We are located at:
Be the first one to join the community of what soon is to be the biggest botting platform ever!

Supported: Browser, Desktop, Mobile Apps



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Re: Colorbot for desktop & browser

16 Apr 2016, 04:04

i am not really sure if this is safe. Any experiences ?
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Re: Colorbot for desktop & browser

16 Apr 2016, 16:36

Hey i just tried it and it looks safe but its not so user friendly and there aren't a lot of guides on how it works/how to use it

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