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[Android] MyControl - trigger your (compiled) scripts via your mobile phone

Posted: 29 Aug 2017, 01:59
by BoBo
MyControl Remotely Controls Your PC with Custom Scripts

The app comes with a few built in scripts that go above the basic functions of your average remote control app, however you can also create your own. The sample scripts use VBS to issue remote commands, but the developer's site says it can field "any command that the operating system on the host can parse" including compiled AutoHotKey scripts.

The free version allows one custom script (including the provided samples) to be added, while the pro version for $1.50 permits an unlimited number. To get started creating your own custom scripts, check out the developer's site here. Outside of scripts, my Control is also a capable remote control app with voice control functions, special keys, and a very intuitive keyboard/mouse interface.


Alternative Download - Windows Host
Download Android App
Download Android App Pro (1.50€)

The setup of myControl isn't that difficult (check this out) Nevertheless, from within the app the link to its external user-guide/help-file is broken :lolno: - but I guess it should've pointed to the page that is linked above :thumbup:

You can connect via Bluetooth (and/or UDP?). Your local server will "hand over"/sync the index of all scripts you've created within your local folder (for the free version it's limited to a single script. Kinda workaround, you start a single script that triggers other scripts via hotkeys eg F1-F12, or keys you can send via the android keyboard afterwards ;) That worked fine for me ). Afterwards you can start whatever script from your android device. I've tested to push an AHK script and that worked fine. I'll use this to start recording live streams via an AHK "VLC script" bc my TV has only one receiver so I'm not able to record a movie while watching another one in parallel. Check out the scripts here to get an idea what you can accomplish using myControl.
A more enhanced option would be to use :arrow: EventGhost (which can be used together with :arrow: Tasker).
PPS. I'm looking for a set of AHK icons (48x48) to use them within myControl! Any pointer/download option would be much appreciated :)
PPS. Someone might have an idea if/how AHK can be sniffing at the UDP connection directly?! A starting point might be Guest2's [simple-udp-client-upnp-discover]-AHK script, or ...
udplisten - A simple command-line based UDP server. The server listens to raw messages on a specified port and displays them to standard output. If no port is specified, the server will listen on port 51979 by default. [Download]
Thx for listening 8-)

Re: [Android] MyRemote - trigger your compiled scripts via your mobile phone

Posted: 30 Aug 2017, 05:41
by Ridwan
Finally, someone post a way to control PC from Android..,
Can't wait to try it..,

Re: [Android] MyControl - trigger your compiled scripts via your mobile phone

Posted: 31 Aug 2017, 13:56
by BoBo
It looks that you can accomplish something similar using native AHK. Check out for UDP/tcpIP/socket/...
You can send strings both ways (eg to trigger scripts). Good luck :)

Re: [Android] MyControl - trigger your compiled scripts via your mobile phone

Posted: 31 Aug 2017, 22:17
by Ridwan
Can someone give a vbs example to run compiled AutoHotkey?

Re: [Android] MyControl - trigger your compiled scripts via your mobile phone

Posted: 01 Sep 2017, 01:57
by BoBo
You won't necessarily have to compile your scripts before running if AHK is installed on the target system as well.

Code: Select all

Set sh = WScript.CreateObject("")
    sh.Run "<path to your ahk script>"
Once you've started the script via its android icon, you can trigger its hotkeys using myControl's function key panel (F1-F12).

Code: Select all

#SingleInstance, Force

F4::Run		% "Calc.exe"
F5::Run		% "Notepad.exe"
F6::MsgBox	% "Hello PC"
F8::Run		% ""