udplisten [CMD]

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udplisten [CMD]

30 Aug 2017, 03:35

udplisten - A simple command-line based UDP server. The server listens to raw messages on a specified port and displays them to standard output. If no port is specified, the server will listen on port 51979 by default. [Download]
... A lightweight, yet efficient UPD server that runs from command line, able to listen to RAW messages transmitted on the specified port

Udplisten comes across as an extremely lightweight UDP server, able to listen to the specified port and to output the retrieved messages for later use.

The use of such a server is appropriate for real-time applications like conferencing carried out through VoIP, as well as online computer games and generally any program that is time-sensitive, because through UDP, packets are dropped immediately in favor of high speed (unlike TCP).

It is known that User Datagram Protocol is a speedy deliverer, favoring fast transportation of data without handshaking dialogues, error checking or corrections. This is what makes it well suited for programs that transmit small packets of data and don’t require in-depth analysis of the traffic.

Udplisten can arrange for a server that will seamlessly listen to a UDP port of your choice, making a decent asset for anyone who wants to check the data being transported over the UDP protocol.

It comes inside an extremely lightweight package and can be run only from command line. Despite sporting simple options, the application is recommended for advanced users, such as developers or network administrators.

By default, it listens to port 51979, which is a known port assignment for the UDP protocol, but this can easily be changed by running the program with the following syntax: udplisten.exe [port number of choice]. The data transmitted on the specified port is logged and saved accordingly, allowing you to review it later.

On an ending note, Udplisten could play an important role when you want to monitor the requests that are being made to a UDP port, as well as the data transmitted on it. It could have been complimented by a client, which would have increased its value considerably.

There are a bunch of AHK "socket" scripts flying around, but most (if not all of them) dealing with tcp/IP instead of UDP. Like this ...
or that ...
https://autohotkey.com/board/topic/9437 ... rarbeitet/

Well, as an ordinary user, I'm not that skilled to deal with less documented parameters.
My current "task" - I'd like to listen to an incoming msg from an android phone (anything available on iOS to send UDPs?) to trigger a local AHK script. Any hint/advice would be much appreciated :)

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