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Anki [Win/Web/iOS/Android]

Posted: 06 Dec 2017, 15:28
by BoBo
Hi folx,
while watching some YouTube videos, one of its moderators mentioned Anki and that its desktop release is offered free of charge!
Meanwhile, I know that all of its different flavors are free, except for iOS where it costs > 20€ :lolno: [here's why's that ...]

Nevertheless, it has remarkable reviews (playstore/appstore/...) and I thought that it would be nice to start 2018 with a set of AHK flashcards (you can embed media content as well!) :xmas: !?!
If every one of our members is creating a single card we should end up with a nice knowledgebase tool/toy right? AHK Crowd-Anki-ing :mrgreen:

Here we go ...
[Anki - Wiki]
[Anki - Desktop]
[Anki - iOS]
[Anki - Android]

J4TR, there are a billion (flashcard) decks already available for download [here..] (eg. teaching "Google Chrome Keyboard Shortcuts" etc pp) :thumbup: