Algorithms - Explained and Animated [iOS/Android]

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Algorithms - Explained and Animated [iOS/Android]

15 Dec 2017, 01:15

Algorithms? WTF's that?? :shock: :arrow: Keep Calm and Watch [This]. Not enough stuff? [Here] we go. :!:
Algorithms - Learn Visually with Animations

With fully-animated explanations, you can enjoy learning about even the most complex algorithms.
Learn by doing with "Sim Mode"
Improve your understanding by trying out the algorithms in "Sim Mode" using a variety of conditions.

Download for Free :arrow: [iOS] :arrow: [Android]. Give the app a download. If it's what you were looking for, unlock all the algorithms.

[list]Image Image Image Image Image[/list]

Recommended for...

"Algorithms: Explained and Animated" uses animations and easy-to-understand language to explain the complex workings of algorithms. Although the app is geared toward people just starting to learn about algorithms as well as those spanning a wide variety of interests and ages, it is especially recommended for the following people:

People in the IT and software industries
[list]Whether it be website creation or website management, game development or system development, when using a computer to work as a team or work with clients, a broad knowledge of programming and information security is essential. With "Algorithms: Explained and Animated", you can firmly strengthen that fundamental knowledge.[/list]

People interested in programming and information technology
[list]While there are many technical books on programming and the internet, their simple drawings and long explanations don't facilitate learning as much as they do boredom. With "Algorithms: Explained and Animated", anything from complex data structures like "hash tables" and "heaps" to information security topics like the "public-key cryptosystem" and "digital certificates" can be easily understood with animations.[/list]

Experienced programmers and engineers
[list]When using standard methods like libraries, the more basic the concept, the more impenetrable it can seem. You might also find yourself struggling to explain concepts to a less-experienced colleague. For times like those, use "Algorithms: Explained and Animated" to keep your skills from getting rusty. [/list]

8-) Very nice :thumbup:

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