Barcode Scanner

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Barcode Scanner

03 Feb 2018, 21:31

I'm quite familiar with AHK and have been using it for quite some time. I'm currently using a 2D barcode scanner to scan information into a GUI input field. When the barcode is finished scanning I use RegEg to separate out the information that I need.

The question I have is about the barcode scanner and not AHK (Unless AHK can help me out...). I'm looking to speed up how fast the barcode is sending the information to my computer. Currently, the barcode scanner is sending the information one key at a time. I'm using the barcode scanner to scan PDF 417 barcodes which contain a lot of information. I have tried using SetKeyDelay in order to speed up how fast the barcode scanner is "typing" the information.

I'm aware that each barcode scanner is different, but I'm wondering if someone can help me out with this. The current barcode scanner I have is a "DataMax" which appears to be a foreign barcode scanner so unfortunately contacting the supplier is off the table...

Although the website says its a 1D barcode scanner, the one I have looks identical to the one shown in the link above. It is wireless as well (Bluetooth).

My question for those people out there who are familiar with barcode scanners is:
- Is there a way to scan the information to a variable (clipboard) rather then typing out the information slowly? Essentially, I want all the information dumped at once (similar to command paste) where I can instantly get onto the next step.

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Re: Barcode Scanner

04 Feb 2018, 09:20

If you own an iOS device the "Scandit" app might be your last resort. Highly recommended :thumbup:

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