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Replacing mouse by a jopystick

Posted: 05 Mar 2019, 03:10
by John_Smith_Images
As I see there are a lot of gamers here I wonder if something I'd like already exists in a reliable userfriendly version. Gamers should know.

I use Windows 7 64. I'd like to interact with the computer through a Joystick with buttons I can program or configure to replace the mouse totally.

As I use Autohotkey in association with the Windows voice recognition, I'm almost free from keyboard. I just need the numpad in case some numbers dictation goes wrong. (2,5 for one).

What I'd like is a "big joystick" like they have in flight simulators, the movements of the stick controlling the mouse, with a numpad at hand and buttons for specific actions.

Does anyone use this kind of thing? Does it exist?

Re: Replacing mouse by a jopystick

Posted: 05 Mar 2019, 10:38
by John_Smith_Images
Actually I saw plenty of things that could do in the shops: Driving wheels with pedals, and things like that. Are they customizable? Can I, for example, move the mouse right and left by turning the wheel, and up and down by pushing the right and left pedals?