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SciTE4AutoHotkey Logos

08 Feb 2015, 10:25

Post your SciTE4AutoHotkey logo ideas here.
I think after so many years, that the logo could be updated. There is no official competition and the creator of that program did not ask for this, nor I did. I just started this thread by myself for having fun of creating logos. If he likes one (or anybody else), he can use it. I don't know about any requirements and just started to play in vector editing program. The first 3 versions are included with this posting.
scite4ahk_v1.png (10.74 KiB) Viewed 3769 times
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Re: SciTE4AutoHotkey Logos

08 Feb 2015, 10:28

Here is another version of v3.
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Re: SciTE4AutoHotkey Logos

08 Feb 2015, 18:23

Nice, but the logo has been updated to this :

Thanks for sharing your creations tho!!! :D
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