Windows 10 Global (App Registered) Hotkeys listing

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Windows 10 Global (App Registered) Hotkeys listing

23 Oct 2019, 03:28

Hi Community,

I hope I post in the right place 'cuz I have a pretty shallow background in keyboard specific events.

I'm desperately trying to find a software capable of listing registered global hotkeys / shortcuts (typically, to spot conflicting apps upon a specific combination)

I've already found a couple (e.g. : Hotkey Commander) but they all seem to be tackled by some new Windows 8.1+ paradigm.

Obviously, there is no central repository of how a specific app deals with some key event it subscribed to...

...nonetheless, I can 't imagine there's no central routing registry into which Windows looks up in order to dispatch keyboard events to those apps having registered a callback to (specifically through RegisterHotKey API)

I guess there's no secret about the keyboard event-model for the AHK community ; I'm sorry if this makes a dup (please mention) but I've really tried to RTFM before posting here.


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