regex in natural language (javascript)

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regex in natural language (javascript)

15 Jul 2020, 15:03

Super Expressive is a zero-dependency JavaScript library for building regular expressions in (almost) natural language

The following example recognises and captures the value of a 16-bit hexadecmal number like 0xC0D3

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const SuperExpressive = require('super-expressive');

const myRegex = SuperExpressive()
      .range('A', 'F')
      .range('a', 'f')
      .range('0', '9')

// Produces the following regular expression:

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Re: regex in natural language (javascript)

16 Jul 2020, 02:55

Very interesting. Good find!
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Re: regex in natural language (javascript)

16 Jul 2020, 09:13

Thank you for finding this and sharing it, @guest3456.

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