Matric App - [Android][Win] + JSON & C# API

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Matric App - [Android][Win] + JSON & C# API

08 Sep 2020, 15:36

MATRIC for Windows™ 10 needs to be installed on PC you want to control with a smartphone or tablet. It contains the editor, sample decks, and hundreds of button templates to get you started.

MATRIC for Android™ is the client app, it is installed on your smartphone or tablet and displays buttons that control applications on PC. Requires Android 5.0 or higher.

    Low level keyboard emulation, works in most apps and games
    Record multiple keyboard actions into precisely timed macros
    MATRIC supports OBS Studio from simple scene switching to full blown studio mode mix console
    Create your own decks by using intuitive drag&drop editor
    Snap a photo on the smartphone and MATRIC can send it to PC clipboard
    Scan barcode or QR code using the smartphone and MATRIC will type it to your PC
    Uses smartphone screen as multi touch touchpad for PC
    Use MATRIC as virtual joystick with full support for buttons and axes
    Play an audio file on PC

MATRIC Integration API Demo

This project is a simple demo of MATRIC integration API

MATRIC ( can be used as an input device (controlling PC applications from smartphone or tablet) by emulating keyboard and mouse, but can also be used to display data from 3rd party applications by utilizing Integration API.

Integration API enables 3rd party applications to use MATRIC as an output device. Perhaps it is best illustrated by use-case example: Let's say we have a flight simulator game, and we are using MATRIC as a virtual cockpit button board. But what if we want to reflect the game state to MATRIC, e.g. we want to indicate remaining fuel or low fuel warning. We can do that using Integration API to push changes to MATRIC deck from our flight sim, e.g. we will change the fuel button text to indicate remaining fuel and maybe set its color to red if the fuel is low.

API Basics
  • Integration API uses simple JSON text commands which 3rd party app sends via UDP to matric server (default port for Integration API is 50300 and it always listens on loopback address
c# API wrapper is also available to make things easier.


BTW, GeekDude has created :arrow: [matric.ahk]. That way you can access matric decks using AutoHotkey.

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