POC: RawInput mouse via C# CLR

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Re: POC: RawInput mouse via C# CLR

20 Jul 2017, 12:22

Okay, made it to work. These values seem to be fine and more precise than with mousedelta:
MoveEvent(x, y, mouseId){
x := round(x / 2)
y := round(y / 2)
Global mdw
if (mdw.SelectedMouse == 0 || mdw.SelectedMouse == mouseId){
DllCall("mouse_event",uint,1,int, x ,int, y,uint,0,int,0)
But using "x / 3" or lower doesn't seem to work properly.

Re: POC: RawInput mouse via C# CLR

30 Jul 2018, 23:34

Bro please help me... Can you do this for me???

Mouse move left = left arrow key , when stop moving = arrow key left up
Mouse move right = right arrow key , when stop moving = arrow key right up

put a deadzone on the x-axis as well is possible

and make sure the the mouse is infinite like its doesnt hit the edge and stops. Its lke in a real fps game you know. Please help

email me asap when you got it:

I want to use delta rawinput api of mouse on this code here:::
CoordMode, Mouse, Screen

deadzone := 6
deadzoneX := Floor(deadzone*1.2)

settimer, watchMouse, 10

cnt++, pCnt:=cnt-1
mouseGetPos, mx%cnt%
send % ( mx%cnt%>mx%pCnt%+deadzoneX ? "{right}" : mx%cnt%<mx%pCnt%-deadzoneX ? "{left}" : "" )

esc::exitApp ; <-- press esc to exit

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