Red and Rebol

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Red and Rebol

10 Feb 2019, 15:30

Red is quite interesting. It produces minuscule binaries. The attached random image viewer, cloned from code by Wesley Hill with a little tweak to add a different random image site, is only 69kb expanded (18kb in the zip). The little spreadsheet is about 75kb. However, both need the LibRedRT.dll runtime library also in the folder, so compared with AHK there's maybe not any real size benefit. Interesting nonetheless. Very compact code also, some is in the archive. Active development community, nightly builds. Based on Rebol (pronounced like rebel), which is more mature but (apparently) isn't seeing the same development effort as Red at the moment.

EDIT: Red can in fact compile to programs without dependencies. The code in the program "viewer2.exe" in the zip file was compiled like this:

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red -r -t Windows
"viewer.exe" was compiled like this:

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red -c -t Windows
Despite the "-c" flag, that means development mode + include the runtime library.

So, perhaps, if you wanted to distribute lots of red apps in one folder, presumably you could compile them all with the "-c" flag, and include the runtime, saving lots of space.
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EDIT: Forgot the zip archive, sorry.
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