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Developers Wanted

21 Feb 2017, 02:57

I'm building upon the Autohotkey DLL (HotkeyIt's release). Using an interop dll I wrapped the majority of AutoHotkey's commands to bring AHK syntax / power to any language.


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ahk.FileAppend(myText, filePath);
AHK rocked a handful of commands I've come to rely on and so far most of them are working as expected. The DLL project I'm working on is called sharpAHK, written in C#, it offers the AHK library plus numerous other related functions.

As I develop the library of commands for the DLL, i'm writing tools for fun/to make my life easier. Each tool adds new commands to sharkAHK.dll. For instance, Dynamic Coder is the script writer / script library / knowledge base / example index. You can execute AHK or C# code from the editor on the fly. I've found testing small sections of code much faster than compiling repeatedly from Visual Studio. Dynamic Coder aims to be an add-on to the Visual Studio coding process, monitoring your current project offering potential solutions while you code.

So far the sharpAHK function collection is up to 1300 commands. That being the case, organization and documentation are essential to be useful to anyone. Every function will be documented with examples that can be tested and tweaked on the fly.

String together enough over-complicated/time consuming steps for coding, and you're carrying on what AutoHotkey did and was meant to do, giving novice users advanced capabilities on the pc. My personal motivation for the project is to build a library capable of writing fully functional, professional desktop application in a day. Professional look, logging, settings, menu images, and multiple controls that interact with others to load and return values from databases. Using the collection of SQLite functions in sharpAHK.dll, beginners will have access to more advanced functionality.

I've been working on the project solo for a year and a half, consistently moving forward but I'm ready to find some help. There are zero hits in NuGet for AutoHotkey, I aim to be the first with sharpAHK within the next 6 months. I'm looking for any range of coding ability to assist in the effort. There's plenty to do and I appreciate constructive input. At the moment I'm not ready to post to GitHub, step one was just see if anyone would be interested :) --- Lucid Method
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Re: Developers Wanted

20 Mar 2017, 19:50

Hey man, I just started using C# at work, so naturally I have started messing around with C# and AHK interop myself. I just made a C# DLL that wraps DirectInput and XInput, you pass it a func object and it fires callbacks when the input changes.

I am now looking into implementing this with MEF to allow plugins supporting the various kinds of input.
I worked with HotkeyIt to do the Scrollable Guis in AHK_H (Though i mainly came up with the logic, he did most of the C++ code).

Most of my work is centered around input manipulation. My main one at the moment is UCR (See sig) which leverages AHK_H's scrollable GUI system and multi-threading.
This is all generally with a gaming slant - both regular gaming (Remapping joysticks, analog to digital conversion etc) and assisted gaming.
I do a bunch of coding for charitable organisations and companies trying to sell affordable kit to enable disabled people.

So... I had not heard of SharpAHK at all. Searching google turned up nothing, I had to search on github to finally find you...
This is definitely something that interests me. I can't say whether I can help you but we seem to have similar goals, so I would certainly like to hook up and chat.
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Re: Developers Wanted

Today, 03:48

Thank you. I have read your text. May I ask a little stupid? Is it easy to install? I would like to install / try it under Linux.
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