[C++]Create a dll file with a function that I want to have

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[C++]Create a dll file with a function that I want to have

15 Oct 2017, 11:39

I need to convert the image to hex after getting the image(not image file) on the screen.
Since the Autohotkey does not have this function, i'd like to make a dll file of c++ which contains a function that gets a hex from screen image

The problem I face is two things.

1. How to create a function to convert a screen image directly into hex without creating an image file in c++ win32 programming environment

I got a part of the script that was suitable for my purpose through search on various websites. But I don't know where to put this script in win32 programming environment.
There are Winmain and wndproc, where should I insert my script?

2. How can I make it a dll file if all the scripts fit my purpose?

My script environment is not console c++ but win32 project. in this situation, How can l create a dll file?

please help me
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Re: [C++]Create a dll file with a function that I want to have

16 Oct 2017, 00:56

Why do you recommend c#? I know that c# is incompatible with AutoHotkey.
At first, I also created a dll file with c#, but dll file made by c# is not called by dllcall function in Autohotkey.
So I tried a simple test to call very simple C# dll file that have a function that value of return is String variable of "abcdef12345"
then I called a my dll file by means of dllcall function in Autohotkey but it is not called

it is my dll file script for test

Code: Select all

namespace Mydll
    public class MyClass

        public string MyFunct()

            string res = "0E154324D324321";    //I made a very simple function for testing purpose

            return res;


Below are the ways I tried to call my dll file

dllcall("Mydll.dll\ScreenShot","Cdecl Str")
dllcall("Mydll.dll\ScreenShot","Cdecl Str")
dllcall("Mydll.dll\ScreenShot","Cdecl AStr")
dllcall("Mydll.dll\ScreenShot","Cdecl WStr")
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Re: [C++]Create a dll file with a function that I want to have

21 Dec 2017, 09:52

For doing something like this in AHK, this might be useful:
Gdip: image binary data to hex string for OCR - AutoHotkey Community
And then, if something like that works for you, you could try to convert it to C++.
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Re: [C++]Create a dll file with a function that I want to have

15 Jan 2018, 10:54

Here’s something in C, that I’ve used with ahk.
https://github.com/joedf/Qonsole/blob/m ... /SizeCon.c
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