Dart, Google's Kind Of Secret Weapon

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Dart, Google's Kind Of Secret Weapon

08 Sep 2019, 11:10

The Dart programming language has been selected by Google for their Flutter and Fuchsia OS. Fuchsia might replace Android, though Google is being coy about this. Testing of the Fuchsia OS on mobile devices has already begun. It's been no secret that Google has had some major issues with Java, after the take over by Oracle (https://www.theinquirer.net/inquirer/news/3069913/google-vs-oracle-is-back-with-an-appeal-for-clarification-from-the-supreme-court). As a result Google has created Kotlin and haS been tempting developers to switch. But Google has also created Dart, an arguably even more "powerful" programming language that can be used on a wide range of devices.

Google could make the switch from Android (to include possibly the Chrome OS too) to the Fuchsia OS, which could close a big door on Java and Oracle. And on Fuchsia, Dart would be king. Possibly also having the affect of more widespread usage on Windows, macOS, and Linux for development purposes and multi-platform applications.

(Dart: The Language behind Flutter and Fuchsia OS.)

(Google's Fuchsia OS Flutters into view)

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