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v1.1.28 - Hotstring(), new variables, etc.

Posted: 10 Feb 2018, 21:29
by lexikos

  • Changed __Delete to catch and report exceptions when called during object cleanup. It previously had the (erroneous) effect of "postponing" the exception until the next function call or the end of the try-block/thread.
  • Changed hotstring recognizer to reset when focus changes instead of just when the active window changes.
  • Changed WinMenuSelectItem to treat menu 0& as the window's system menu.
New features:
Bug fixes:
  • Fixed #MenuMaskKey treating some valid keys (such as Del) as invalid.
  • Optimised detection of AltGr on Unicode builds. This fixes a delay which occurred at startup (since v1.1.27.00) or the first time Send is called for each target keyboard layout (prior to v1.1.27.00).
  • Fixed misleading vicinity lines for x up::y remap error.
  • Fixed Menu Tray, Icon, HICON:%hicon%, which now uses <em>hicon</em> without resizing it.


Posted: 31 Mar 2018, 05:05
by lexikos
Fixed Thread treating omitted parameters as 0.
Fixed FileAppend to stderr (**).
Fixed break label being able to jump to an unrelated loop.
Reverted hotstring reset behaviour to pre-v1.1.28.00.
Added Hotstring("Reset") for manually resetting the hotstring recognizer.


Posted: 06 Apr 2018, 21:41
by lexikos
Fixed Control ChooseString and ControlGet FindString ignoring the first two items.
Fixed Control ChooseString to send WM_COMMAND even if the control's ID is 0.
Fixed WinActivate to restore the active window, as originally intended for v1.1.20.00.